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TelehealthNOW is Forefront’s proprietary application to link its nationwide provider network to patients in need of psychiatry, psychology, and substance abuse treatment programs. Forefront is contracted with major insurance companies nationally, and with Medicaid plans in 18 states. And we offer low cash rates for those who are uninsured or whose insurance plan won’t cover these services yet.




TelehealthNOW enables patients to see our Forefront mental health practitioners from anywhere at almost any time.

Forefront’s provider network is available for patient care during normal business hours on a scheduled basis and on weekends and evenings if that’s when you need them. We work directly with your primary care provider to coordinate our treatment plans with any medical condition you may have and keep them in the loop on medications just in case. We have psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, clinical psychologists, and clinical social workers to get you the specialty care that you require.

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